Simon C Wrightson

Simon C Wrightson

Delay Expert

A qualified and EPC trained electro-mechanical (production) engineer with nearly 30 years’ experience in engineering and construction. 20+ years acting as an expert witness / advisor / interim project director for authorities, contractors, developers, employers, funders, lawyers, asset owners / operators in the UK, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Far East.

Extensive G.C.C. experience working across all sectors of the Built Environment and Infrastructure. Considerable Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and Energy from Waste experience.

Appointed as a Lead Delay / Project Management Expert (Advisor / SJE / Witness) often including acceleration / disruption / productivity analysis, on 70+ occasions, for (or in contemplation of): Adjudication; ADR, Arbitration (Doha, Dubai, London); DRB & Litigation (T.C.C. London).Trained as an Expert Witness by Academy of Experts (London) & Bond Solon (Cardiff University). Testified in Adjudication, ADR and DRB.

Regularly appointed by Employers and PMC’s to act as an independent third party in the interest of mitigating the risks of dispute through the proper conduct of claims assessment and settlement through conciliation, mediation and expert determination. Assists parties to ensure that contract and project management processes are properly established from the outset and the risks of disputes are proactively avoided through dialogue and planned intervention.

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