Stephen Wright

Stephen Wright

Planning & Delay Expert

  • Appointed as the time expert on a nuclear power plant in Korea, providing expert reports and oral testimony.
  • Appointed as the time expert on a power plant in Laos, providing expert reports and presentations.
  • Appointed as the time expert on a government building project in Hong Kong, providing expert reports.

Industry Experience

  • Aviation
  • Building
  • Commercial
  • Housing
  • Hospitals
  • Highways
  • Infrastructure
  • Power
  • Residential

Stephen is a Director with DGA International Experts and has over twenty years’ experience in Project Management related disciplines on Airports, Commercial Developments, Civil Engineering projects, Hospitals and Power Plants.

Stephen has been appointed to prepare the analysis, review and preparation of extension of time claims, undertake retrospective delay analysis and provide written and oral testimony as an Expert during formal proceedings on a wide variety of projects throughout Australia, Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.

As an Expert advisor, Stephen draws on his analytical programming skills to offer strategic advice on delay, procurement and risk management. He has worked with clients to provide expert advice and guidance to identify the causes of problems and their effect on the programme.

He has also prepared claims and rebuttals and lead negotiations. This has included providing advice and support to in house and external legal advisors in preparation for formal dispute resolution.

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