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23 Jun 2017

There still appears to be some confusion over which staff costs can and cannot be included within Compensation Event Quotation

RICS New Rules of Measurement

23 Jun 2017 - Gordon Aitken

NRM2 was published in April 2012. Is it working?

Contract Programmes

23 Jun 2017

Contract Programmes: getting the basics right

Payment Schedule

20 Nov 2016 - Scott Milner

The courts approach to the correction of an error with the dates of the payment notice and pay less notice.

Interim Payment Schedules: The peril of limiting these to the contract period or completion date

1 Oct 2016 - Scott Milner

For many years those involved with the creation of contracts and payment mechanisms have inserted into the agreement interim payme...

Commercial Contracts Bulletin

12 Sep 2016

Termination Clauses: Contractual Breaches v Common Law Breaches.

Good faith within a Construction Contract

1 Jan 2016 - Gordon Aitken

The traditional route for the engagement of a contractor to undertake a construction project, using a standard form, did not inclu...