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Had enough of Experts?

21 Jun 2017

Jeffery Brown of Veale Wasbrough Vizards explains the role of the Expert

Concurrent delay - The Saga Continues

13 Jan 2017

Concurrent delay has been debated for many years mainly due to contracts expressly addressing it

Recovery of "Debt Recovery Costs" (under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998) in Adjudication

1 Nov 2016

The adjudication process is regarded by Construction Industry professionals as a highly satisfactory and cost effect method of res...

Lump Sum still means Lump Sum but Priced Bills of Quantities

1 Oct 2016 - Gary Howells

Mascareignes Sterling Co Ltd (MSC) and Chang Cheng Esquares Co Ltd (CCE) agreed a building contract for the design and build of an...

Expert witnesses: expertise is not enough

2 Sep 2016

Poor performances by expert witnesses have been highlighted in several recent cases, so how can you ensure yours are up to the job...

Concurrent delay: new Commercial Court guidance

5 Aug 2016

Commercial Court decision published last week has considered the correct approach to issues of concurrent delay under construction...