Opening of new Sydney Office - 18 Sep 2020

"Our Australian business has exceeded our expectations since we opened in early 2019. We have grown a significant team in Melbourne under the leadership of John Donnelly our Regional Director for Melbourne servicing expert appointments, claims and adjudication work on projects in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia.
This rapid growth through demand for our quantum and delay services has led to the recent decision to open a Sydney office where we have established an initial core team that we will grow organically through strategic recruitment. This will allow us to service our clients in New South Wales providing a more personal tailored service that our clients demand and for which the DGA Group is known for.
Other positives have arisen from our Australian business. Given the proximity of our Singapore office we have been able to utilise their specialist measurement team to provide bills of quantities for a major PPP tender bid at a very competitive fee. We are also able to provide secondment services to major projects looking to utilise quantum and delay experienced consultants to deliver specific project tasks such as subcontract procurement or development of the initial contract programme.
I am looking forward to working with John Donnelly and his teams to further expand the business across the Oceania and Australasia regions at a pace where we can maintain quality. This is an exciting time for our Australian business and we are well placed to service the demand from the anticipated post COVID-19 infrastructure boom."     

David Gibson, CEO