Effective commercial and environmental management are common objectives for all stakeholders and are cornerstones of successful project delivery.

Commercial & Environmental Management


Assessment, Management & Compliance

DGA Group's Environmental Services was established to identify and reduce development and delivery risks within construction and infrastructure projects. DGA’s environmental services team will provide the assessment, management and compliance of all environmental risks throughout an entire project lifecycle, from feasibility assessment and optioneering, through to project delivery completion:

Environmental Management:

Managing every environmental risk and opportunity throughout a project’s lifecycle, from development phase baseline assessments, production of construction environmental management plans (CEMPs) to monitoring and reporting of construction performance. DGA will provide environmental managers for site project teams, or work remotely, to produce key stage documents, mitigation plans and performance reports to demonstrate compliance.

  • DGA will manage the scoping and delivery of key environmental assessments and surveys,
  • Provision of all environmental support, including monitoring requirements, with delivery works packages, and
  • Ensure legal and contract compliance is maintained throughout.

Environmental Assessments, Surveys & Monitoring:

Technical assessments and surveys of all environmental topics at feasibility and planning stages to assess and quantify potential risks and advise on appropriate mitigation measures. These can be separate assessments or combined within an Environmental Impact assessment (EIA). During construction we will provide technical support and where required monitoring to provide accurate evidence of compliance.

Environmental Consents:

Securing and discharging of all environmental permits, licences and relevant planning conditions. This also includes the management of all agreements and undertakings. The early identification, negotiation and securing of necessary permits is critical to a project schedule and will cause project delays if not managed correctly. DGA will provide environmental consents advisors to manage consent risks and liaise with key regulators and stakeholders.


Commercial Management & Contract Administration

Experience has shown us that the engagement of suitably qualified and experienced contract administration staff is a key factor in effectively controlling project costs and minimising the risk of formal disputes arising. Where a dispute cannot be avoided, having the right commercial personnel and procedures in place will ensure that the contractual information required to successfully manage are readily to hand.

DGA offers a full range of commercial management services in connection with live projects, including:

  • Bill of quantities preparation, both pre contract and for change management,
  • Valuing variations and compensation events,
  • Subcontract procurement and commercial management through to Final Account,
  • Cost and value reconciliations, and all commercial internal and external reporting,
  • Final account preparation and negotiation.