Disputes & Adjudication Services
Even the most carefully planned and well managed construction projects can encounter disputes.

Disputes & Adjudication Services


DGA’s international claims specialists are highly experienced in the development and defence of commercial claims and can call upon the resources of the wider DGA Group in order to ensure that appropriate techniques are applied in identifying and quantifying time and monetary entitlements.

Claim Preparation and Management services include:

  • Contractual health checks and the development of claim avoidance and resolution strategies
  • Development and defence of claims for extensions of time and related monetary relief
  • Acceleration claims
  • Disruption and loss of productivity claims
  • Advice on termination and suspension
  • Pursuit of remedies in regard to payment default
  • Breach of contract and damages claims

In the field of claims defence (typically carried out on behalf of Employer-clients) DGA provides a balanced review of claim submissions in order to identify weaknesses in the demonstration of cause and effect, any failure to identify contractual entitlement, the application of inappropriate analysis methodologies, any failure to comply with notice requirements, and the absence of adequate supporting records - all of which have a bearing on selection of the most appropriate settlement strategy.   


In addition to DGA’s provision of advisory and Expert Services in connection with arbitration, litigation and mediation, we also have vast experience in acting in statutory and contractual adjudications. Whilst most of our appointments in adjudication relate to the provision of independent Expert reports on the matters in dispute, we are frequently engaged to act as Party Representative, where we manage the entire process for either the Referring or Responding Party.