Risk Management
DGA Group's professionals are trained to identify and mitigate risks facing our clients, and to maximise opportunities that can arise from the adoption of risk.

Risk Management

Pre-emptory Project Risk Management

Risk Management is essential to effective project planning and the successful containment of project delays and budgetary overspend. The active management of project risk limits the scope for contentious issues and related contractual claims to arise.

“Early-stage” Project Risk Management services provided by DGA include:             

  • Assistance in the identification of inherent project risks and assessment of their likely impacts (e.g. delay and additional cost), together with the development and evaluation of appropriate mitigation measures;
  • Development of initial project risk registers and subsequent monitoring of the changing risk profile as work proceeds, in order to ensure the appropriate “stepping-down” of measures in place to deal with expired risks and the timely identification of newly emerging risk and related mitigation measures;
  • Advice on procurement strategy and the prudent and economic allocation and actions to be taken to dissipate such risk;
  • Review and analysis of intended contractual arrangements, in order to ensure that the intended allocation of risk will be achieved and/or to identify the prospective commercial and contractual problems that may arise;
  • Analysis of the distribution of risk imposed within tender documentation and advice on the effective management of such risk.

Funder Due Diligence & Project Audit

DGA conducts reviews on behalf of Lenders contemplating investment in major construction projects, identifying potential construction and development risks prior to funding commitment, followed by ongoing monitoring and management of risk throughout the project construction phase.


At any stage throughout the entire lifecycle of a project, DGA can provide either independent ‘Project Audit’, or to a lesser degree, a “Health Check” service. This is a confidential and discreet service, the nature and extent of which is determined by the perceived level of risk identified as being of concern, where the primary focus may be a singular specific issue. Alternatively, the risk may extend to the project as a whole. In some cases, concern may surround the financial stability and viability of an entire business, in which case a portfolio of projects may be the subject of review.


Whatever the risk, DGA has experience both nationally and internationally to conduct a thorough review of each and every concern, culminating in the publication of a written report highlighting the measures needed to mitigate or extinguish the Clients risk, together with recommendations on any necessary strategic overhaul  to provide ’the future proofing’ desired.    


Restructuring Advisory services

DGA provides support services to licensed restructuring and recovery professionals, assessing the likely realisation value of project assets (including commercial claims), either as part of an early intervention strategic review or during the recovery process.


Insurance Services

In insurance related matters, DGA is experienced in providing the support services needed in preparation, negotiation and settlement of insurance claims for construction-related losses, together with expert advice to Insurers, Loss Assessors and Adjusters in respect of damage claims, construction cost estimates and the evaluation of expediting costs.

For more information on our Risk Management Services please contact Mark Lucas