Commercial Management
Effective commercial management are common objectives for all stakeholders and are cornerstones of successful project delivery.

Commercial Management


Commercial Management & Contract Administration

From experience, we believe the most effective way of controlling project costs and realising the full entitlement under a contract is the engagement of suitably qualified and experienced contract administration staff.

DGA offers a full range of commercial management services in connection with live projects, including:

  • Bill of quantities preparation, both pre contract and for change management,
  • Valuing variations and compensation events,
  • Subcontract procurement and commercial management through to Final Account,
  • Cost and value reconciliations, and all commercial internal and external reporting,
  • Final account preparation and negotiation.

Our staff are versed in the use of standard forms of contract, together with these forms being adjusted via supplemental or Z clauses.

Another factor is managing subcontractors to ensure they are fully compliant with their terms and where appropriate back to back with the main contract terms.

DGA pride themselves on their staff integrating themselves into our clients’ organisations to seamlessly operate alongside client staff for the best of the project.

Case studies

DGA has played a significant and successful part in shaping the outcomes of many complex projects over the past 20 years. Around the globe and in many sectors of the industry, we have a reputation for being a key player in the management of risk, time and money.

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