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Construction Week Publish Article focused on DGA Group Dubai - 14 Feb 2018

DGA Group eyes expansion in Middle East's busy legal market

by Fatima De La Cerna on Feb 10, 2018 


Speed, Regis McKenna once noted, has “become an important element of strategy”. A former Steve Jobs collaborator, McKenna is widely regarded as a legend in the global marketing community, hardly surprising since he owned the firm that designed the now ubiquitous Apple logo, and has been credited with helping to raise Intel out of start-up obscurity.

The relevance of his statement, however, is not limited to product or corporate branding. Indeed, speed as a component of strategy is a concept that companies worldwide are applying to a varied range of business activities, not least of which is expansion.

Speed, of course, is relative. What would be slow for industry behemoths could strike smaller outfits as reasonable, for instance; or what would appear sluggish to public limited companies (PLCs) might seem sustainable to privately held companies, as in the case of UK-headquartered construction consultancy, DGA Group....... Read More