DGA Group provides training programmes for all levels and abilities, delivered by professionals who practice within the Industry at a senior level.


DGA’s experience and expertise in the provision of contractual advice, commercial and programming services and dispute resolution across all sectors of the construction industry has enabled us to create educational training seminars on the understanding and administration of the various forms of construction contracts along with seminars targeting specific contractual and commercial issues.

Our highly experienced course presenters are able to apply the contract to the day to day tasks and problems encountered by the delegates at all stages of their careers. We provide training to contractors, subcontractors, public and professional bodies both in the UK and internationally.

Our in-house training seminars are provided for a fixed fee at your chosen venue. The benefit of this is that clients may choose the number and experience of delegates that attend without the price increasing. We appreciate that workload and training is a fine balance and, therefore, our in-house seminars minimise disruption to the delegates’ duties that can occur with public seminars.

The training can be from one of our list of seminars or bespoke and ranges from a single seminar to a series of seminars and/or workshops delivered over a set period of time. All learning can be tailored to suit the delegates experience/ knowledge.

For more information about our training seminars, please email or call 0203 961 5340.