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DGA Breakfast Seminar: Getting paid - "smash & grab adjudication" - is it as easy as they say? - 4 Sep 2023

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LEEDS 31.10.23

About the Seminar

Having lectured on a national and regional level for a number of years Scott Milner is known for his informative topical seminars. Scott returns in October 2023 with a complimentary breakfast seminar concerning problems faced by parties in applying for and seeking recovery of payment via Adjudication.

This seminar will appeal to Contractors and Subcontractors that want to gain an up to date understanding of the requirements and arguments in relation to payment notices, pay less notices and payment; and improve their prospects of recovery of payment under JCT and NEC Engineering & Construction Contracts and Sub-Contracts.

In this seminar, we consider:

  • The importance of an effective application for payment/ default payment notice.
  • The ingredients of a valid application for payment or notice of intention to pay less.
  • The danger of multiple applications for payment for the same due date.
  • Can a late application for payment operate as a default payee notice (following ISG Retail Limited -v- FK Construction Limited [2023] EWHC 2012)?
  • Can an Employer commence a ‘true value’ adjudication when there is already an ongoing ‘smash and grab’ adjudication (following Henry Construction Projects Limited -v- Alu-Fix (UK) Limited [2023] EWHC 2010)?
  • Does a smash and grab adjudication in relation to an interim payment notice take precedence over the purported true value in a final certificate?
  • We can refer a dispute at 'any time' according to s.108 of the HGCRA. Can a true value adjudication be commenced at any time (following AM Construction Limited v The Darul Amaan Trust [2022] EWHC 1478)?


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Due to high demand for our seminars, the invitation is for Contractors and Subcontractors and we are at this time limiting the number of delegates per firm / organisation to 2.